Our web developers are always up to date!

Web developers work in software development and specialize in web technologies. In addition to technical knowledge, our web developers also master methodological knowledge, such as software architecture or test concepts. Because in order to create a professional site or a shop, basic knowledge is not enough for us. The complete range, from well-founded competencies in one or more web-specific programming languages ​​to the coding of the smallest details.

A professional page / shop - that's what we want to offer you. The appearance of the page or the shop plays a big role, but not the supporting one, because a qualitative content lets the visitor decide whether the site / shop offers added value for him or not. Today, significantly more needs to be realized than the traditionally static, technically clear websites. The scope, complexity and dynamics of web applications are increasing.

We not only help to create and optimize the pages, but we will be there for you afterwards, helping with maintenance or changes.

Online shop

Only a good look is not enough for us

Brand Awareness plays an important role not only in real life and thus in retail, but much more in e-commerce. The reason for this is simple. The customer can not convince himself in the online shop of the quality, because he can not touch the products. Brands stand for certain properties that have a reference to quality. Instead of testing the product, the customer relies on what he associates with the brand. The Brand Awareness is created and enhanced with performances on different channels and media.

The purpose is to respond to individual channels and media but still convey your own idea. The TecSee finds exactly the right method for your company and leads you to success. Our methods are coordinated and linked so you can reach your target audience and achieve an ideal brand awareness.
Shop system

The creation of your online shop is done by software, a so-called shop system. The functions of your online shop are determined by the shop system. Our focus is on integrating the important functions in your online shop while keeping usability easy. The goal is that you feel good and secure with your webshop and do not need programming skills to make a change to your shop. Your enthusiasm for our extensive and easy-to-use offer will speak for us!
The world is yours - with our shop system

They deliver the ideas and we have all possibilities to implement them in your shop. Our offering includes unbeatable capabilities and features that allow you to intuitively operate and control your webshop. It does not matter whether you want to run a single online shop (single store) or multiple online stores that are integrated into one (multistore). Also to create a complete marketplace on which sell different sellers on your marketplace their articles such as amazon.de is for Tecsee from Heilbronn no problem. We make you present on the internet!
Webshop - and then?

Creating an online shop is usually not enough to run a successful shop. Unfortunately, search engines like Google do not find the webshop easy when it's online. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out search engine optimization (SEO) afterwards. To increase the click rate, you can start search engine marketing (SEA) and various marketing campaigns.

App Development

Easy handling for smartphone, tablet and co.

We are extremely involved in the creation of mobile applications, in short called "apps", which are available for different devices using the latest technologies for iPhone and Android.

Because of the growing trend, mobile applications are becoming an essential requirement for companies that want to offer their service to their customers. Today's customer does business anytime, anywhere - from his smartphone or tablet.

The TecSee Internet Agency is responsible for the creation of mobile applications for iOS and Google Android in addition to the creation of homepages and webshops. The development of an app is done individually and adapted to the needs of the customers. Our core competencies include the development of diverse and individual apps, because our experts program your app and you will receive support after the creation.

Our goal is to support our customers from the planning to the programming to the realization of the project and to be there for our customers after that.
Our services include:

-Native apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry & Windows Phone
Web Apps with HTML5, CSS & Javascript
Mobile websites / services
Consulting and creation of individual concepts


In the frontend area, our developers work with basic knowledge of web design. To be specific, this is an interface job between the designer and the programmer. Tasks such as customizing web pages and stores into responsive design and working with the JavaScript DOM API are part of the domain.


The backend developer is closer to the system and therefore responsible for everything that happens "in" the site. Primarily it is about the theory and concepts of relational databases. Understanding the HTTP protocol and the REST principle is at the heart of every backend developer. Server-side frameworks are e.g. Ruby on Rails, Symfony, Zend Framework, Spring, and server-side programming languages: e.g. Ruby, PHP, Java, C #, server-side JavaScript like Node.js.