SEM, SEO, SEA - what and for what?

SEM is the abbreviation for search engine marketing and means as much as search engine marketing. It deals with the marketing in search engines and thus all measures to position a web presence in the search engines.

SEM is a branch of online marketing. Search engine marketing consists of the areas of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA), also known as keyword advertising. SEO deals with organic search results, while SEA means paid text ads in search engines.

The aim of search engine marketing is to improve the visibility within the search engines. A distinction is made between the organic search results, which are influenced by search engine optimization, and the purchased advertising. Both are not in competition with each other, as the organic search results appear in the order of the commercials. Ads appear in one of the top three search engine results. Also, there is a set of rich organic search results that have a certain weight in the search engine algorithms.

With the help of analyzes, we can perform detailed measurements on the performance of your website and specifically improve it. Our professional, comprehensive support in this area avoids errors in SEA accounts, optimizes campaigns and measures your own actual situation in order to specifically improve it. You get the all-inclusive package, because we offer you a comprehensive range of services. We make sure that your website is found faster and easier by potential customers. By optimizing your keywords, viewers will find it easier and faster to find you.


SEO - search engine optimization or engl. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a part of online marketing and refers to measures that serve to make websites appear in search engine rankings in unpaid search results in higher and thus faster searchable places. By placing pictures, videos and other content on your own page you can increase the reach of search engines.

When searching in search engines, search terms (keywords) are entered, which then lead to a suitable page. The more appropriate the keywords, the higher the likelihood that your page will appear. So your page can be found faster and easier by prospective or potential customers!

When you optimize your store, you'll create a collection of keywords that best describe your page and products. After entering a keyword in the search engine, this provides a hit list with possible interesting contributions. By optimizing your site, it can also appear in front and win new visitors.
Search engine optimization distinguishes between two areas:

OnPage optimization
OffPage optimization

OnPage optimization deals with the optimization on your own page. So everything you can improve internally and adapt, such as a correct HTML or unique names for the page title.

OffPage optimization is linking. Because the more links your page has, the more it gets ranked by Google and becomes more important. But also important is the relevance of the pages that are linked.

This requires a certain know-how and certain tools for keyword analysis. We are happy to take over this process for you and help you to optimize your site and achieve a high ranking so that your site receives many new visitors and potential customers.


SEA campaign - search engine advertising or engl. Search Engine Advertising

After your shop has been optimized and equipped with the target group oriented keywords, you can dedicate yourself to the SEA. Search engine advertising is a paid advertisement on the different pages of search results. It is also part of the online marketing and is part of the SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

Here, the link of your page is positioned so that the shop is quickly and easily found by seekers with similar or similar interests. These can be search engines, but also social media like Facebook, Instagram and co. as well as online classifieds. The click rate plays an important role here, because the more clicks your shop has, the higher it will be ranked by Google.

Also with the SEA the application of suitable Keywords is the key to the success. The competition is often large and already successfully present online. Thus, a proper search and application of the keywords is important. In addition, the keywords must be regularly optimized, as they are constantly changing and possibly outdated, so your shop also receives fewer visitors.

    -Online Marketing: The most important search terms are targeted. The advertiser can thus determine under which terms (keywords) his website is displayed when someone searches for it on Google. This will improve Google's search terms ranking, which will generate the most customer queries.
Customer Response: The listing of all customer inquiries helps to keep the performance under control.
Optimization: In order to increase the number of customer inquiries we optimize Google AdWords. These include contact forms, emails, online orders, etc.

Looking for Online Marketing Consulting? Then you are right with us!

We combine optimization technologies with the wealth of knowledge of our online marketing consulting. Before we set up and launch the SEA campaign, we analyze your current situation and provide you with detailed advice. As Online Marketing Consultancy in Heilbronn we can offer you the following points:

Set up your Google AdWords or SEA campaign
Setting the targets for the SEA measures (KPI and ROI)
Monthly meetings and a permanent contact person / consultant

Social media channels

Daily Routine Facebook

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram and co. are the ideal way to introduce your company. 2.3 billion people worldwide use social networks. Where else can you reach so many people at the same time? Ads on Facebook and similar sites are becoming more and more popular in online marketing, the so-called social media marketing.
But why should companies be present on Facebook?

A large amount of information is constantly stored by Facebook users, which allows the target group of your company to be filtered in a highly targeted manner. In addition, a separate Facebook page leads to an increase in your name recognition. Facebook can be used both for customer loyalty, as well as for relationship maintenance of existing customers. Your ads on Facebook are therefore important to you and your customers. Social media channels also help you achieve higher sales, maintain and activate existing customer relationships, increase your own awareness or are easier and faster to find on the Internet.

The success of your Facebook campaign depends on the detailed setup and detailed analysis of the campaign. Text and images of the ad, age group, interests, geographic region, and more are customizable to target your campaign. By constantly liking and sharing on Facebook, the likelihood that you'll be discovered and more interested will be greater.
Scope of the Facebook Ads

Detailed setup of the campaign
Consideration of your target group through an accurate targeting
Creation of ad texts and images
Analysis and optimization of the campaign
Keyword research and analysis
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