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A well-known problem is to keep track of when you sell through multiple channels: They have their own web shop, but of course also sell on Ebay or Amazon - and everywhere, the available quantities must remain current, reordered in case of lack of goods and all bills regularly be paid and shipped.

There is a simple solution - interfaces. With an interface, all processes are simplified while maintaining e.g. Prices and stocks on all connected shop systems always up to date.
Would not it be nice to let the one-off product just appear everywhere?

Do not type in all details repeatedly, but only once - and it will appear on your webshop, on Ebay, at Amazon and co.! We take over the connection to internal systems such as merchandise management, CRM and PIM systems, as well as interfaces to content, payment and SaaS binders. There are many possibilities for interface connections, e.g. JTL - Amazon / Ebay or PrestaShop - Amazon / Ebay. Learn more about this.

Our interface makes it possible!

You save time and nerves if you enter all the information just once via our interface and then make it available on your desired platforms. You indicate a total number of available products and if you have sold one piece on Ebay, the reduced amount is also available on the other shops.
Connection to marketplaces
Marketplaces on the Internet? - Indispensable!

An essential part of eCommerce is the online trade via marketplaces. Online marketplaces are characterized by the fact that different traders can offer and sell their goods on a single platform. There, buyers and providers are brought together and transaction requests are coordinated.

A distinction is made between open and closed marketplaces. In open marketplaces everyone can register and offer his goods, while in closed marketplaces the operator decides whether someone is admitted or not. Marketplaces can also be differentiated in the offer type: immediate purchase, auction, ad / classified ad and thus also in the possibility of the transaction. This can take place directly on the marketplace or only at the delivery of the goods. A third difference is the operating mode. The marketplace can be operated by a dealer, such as Amazon, Otto or Zalando, or by a marketplace operator without their own sales in the marketplace, such as Allyouneed, Ebay or Rakuten.

What are the advantages of an E-Marketplace and what its goods offer there?

In contrast to real marketplaces, customers and traders no longer need to meet and meet in one place. Everything takes place via the WWW, so E-Marketplaces enable unrestricted trading without physical and temporal restrictions. Access to the WWW can take place at any time and even on different continents. Due to the electronic process, the transaction costs for both buyers and sellers are reduced. In addition, interested parties and providers can find each other more quickly thanks to simplified search options, and processes can be uncomplicated.

Still, there are some things to keep in mind. In real marketplaces, the interested party can inspect the goods and get a real picture of the goods, while this is not possible in online marketplaces. Here images and description must be professionally but also real adapted to the goods. Often vendors here are facing difficulties, especially since the establishment of an account and the data import takes a lot of time and know-how.
In addition, there are far too many marketplaces on which goods are offered today. But which ones are the most well-known and on which ones is it really worthwhile to invest time?


These are six of the most famous and popular online marketplaces in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We help you with the creation of your personal profile, the import of data and subsequent changes.


The JTL Warenwirtschaft supports the operator in all processes of the trade with orientation on the on-line trade. The Wawi manages and controls entire sales channels.

More than 30,000 customers trust JTL-Wawi. According to the t3n survey conducted in August 2016, in which 585 small and medium-sized online retailers participated, JTL-Wawi ranks first among the merchandise management solutions used, according to

     -Organization & Administration
     -assortment maintenance
     -Online Shop Connection
     -Ebay interface
     -Amazon interface
     -shipping process


Further information on the individual topics can be found here.

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